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Vibrato on the Trombone

by Jonathan Randazzo on 12/28/13

Hello Again,

Here is another video blog that I created for the Boylan Bridge Brass website.  In this video, I explain and demonstrate how to effectively use vibrato on the trombone.

I hope you find it useful and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!  Thanks for watching!

Trombone Slurs

by Jonathan Randazzo on 10/01/13

Hi Everyone,

Here is a 10 minute video blog I made for the Boylan Bridge Brass.  In this video, I demonstrate and discuss how to effectively slur on the trombone.  This video was intended for beginning students, as slurring can be one of the most difficult things when just starting out.

I hope this is useful for you, enjoy!  Feel free to post any questions or comments in the box below.  Thanks!

Summer Projects

by Jonathan Randazzo on 06/24/13

Wow, It’s been a while since I’ve last written.  That seems to be a trend for me these days.  I guess I’m becoming too preoccupied between teaching and the symphony to keep up with the blog.

Next year will be even busier for me as there are some exciting projects on the horizon!  My brass quintet, the Boylan Bridge Brass, will be starting a residency at the Edenton St. United Methodist Church in downtown Raleigh.  This residency will include not only church services throughout the year, but recitals and even a recording project with the “Pro Organo” record label!  I’m really looking forward to that.  There will be more blog posts about that in the future I’m sure!  In the mean time, check out our website and follow us at, or search for us on Facebook!

Well, it’s officially summer now and what a great opportunity it can be for those of us in school.  I like to try and make the summer as productive as possible since it is the time of the year when my schedule is most free.  I really want to encourage all of you who play instruments to pick an area of your playing that you would like to see better and start practicing it -- especially my students, you know who you are!  Think of it as a summer project.

For me, I will be trying to concentrate on my endurance and high range accuracy.  That means, trying to “up-the-ante” each day in regards to how long I practice.  I’ll be trying to push myself just a bit past my limits each day.  I believe many athletes use this approach when they are trying to build strength, so hopefully it will work here as well.  Of course with that kind of practice, there also needs to be an ample amount of rest, or else you can really hurt yourself!  Endurance and range building can be one of the hardest things to work on for a lot of people, including myself!  I’ll see where the summer takes me and how much progress I can make.

For all of my students and whoever else decides to embark on this “summer project,” I bid thee happy practicing!

Of course, summer can also be a time to kick back and have fun.  So in the spirit of having fun, here is a little video I made while I was noodling around on my purple, plastic, Pbone!

North Carolina Symphony
Santa Fe Opera
Photo Credit:  Richard Barlow
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