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Boylan Bridge Brass

by Jonathan Randazzo on 10/31/12

A few nights ago, the newly founded group "Boylan Bridge Brass" gave a joint recital with the Triangle Brass Band Chamber Brass.  We were very excited for the large turnout and had a blast… literally!  Especially, with the start of the second half,  "Fanfare for the Common Man."

I'm hoping to be able to do something like that again in the near future.  For any of you out there who maybe interested, you can check us out on Facebook or directly on our quintet's website.

Below is a photo's of that evenings program as well as a link to our group performing John Cheetam's "Scherzo."  Enjoy! 

A Look Into the Summer and the Beginnings of Season 2

by Jonathan Randazzo on 09/07/12

Wow!  It's been a while since I last posted here, although I'm not too sure who's even reading these blog posts.  If you happen to be one of the few people reading this, I'd just like to say thanks!  I hope you find it interesting...

I can't believe how fast time flies.  I guess it's true what people say:  time seems to pass faster as we get older.  I know I'm only in my early 20's but time still feels a lot different to me now than it did several years ago.  Oh well!  As my teacher would say, you've got to make the most of it!  So here I am, finished with my very first season in the North Carolina Symphony and on to the second!

Speaking of "Making the most of it," I had a very eventful summer, ranging from visiting my girlfriend in Texas, to going on a family vacation to Disney World, to a road trip resulting in a new trombone, and much more!  This summer was very different for me since I barely touched my horn!  It was the first time I had ever taken that much of a break from practicing.  It was good for me, but I'm very glad to be back on the (new) horn now!  Here's a picture of Christan Greigo and I at the Edward's Factory in Elkhorn, WI:


picking out my new T-396A.


I’m extremely excited to start the new season with NCS.  I’ve been looking ahead and we have some really great repertoire planned.  Once again, there is another second trombone solo (Scheherazade), although this one is only a few measures long!  Some other great highlights would be Brahms 2, Shostakovich 7, Sibelius 2, Enigma Variations, Meistersinger, and many more great works.

There is also a chance that I will be giving a recital and masterclass at UNC-Greensborough this Spring.  I can’t wait.  I really enjoy teaching, especially to others who are as excited about music and trombone as I am.  More on that later!


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NCSA Masterclass (1-29-12)

by Jonathan Randazzo on 04/17/12

What a great time I had at the North Carolina School of the Arts back in January.  I’d like to thank my colleague, John Ilika for having me at his school as a guest artist.  It was a really great experience for me to give the masterclass as well as teaching a couple of lessons to his students.  It was really one of the few times I have given a masterclass, let alone teaching in general!

We started the class by playing a duet and from there, I went on to playing a solo etude.  It’s always fun to play duets with John, and the etude went well!  The main topic of the class was audition preparation.

After my lecture to the class, a few of John’s students came up to play some excerpts for me.  It was really fun to work with such good players in John’s studio.  I tried to focus more on musical connection, while integrating my advice for practice on the individual excerpts.  As I have been taught (and I constantly see it being proven), a strong musical connection will help with focus, many technical errors that may come up, and a more captivating performance overall.  My approach is very different from John’s teaching technique, but we were both coming to a lot of the same conclusions, which was very reassuring to hear.  I was also very happy to hear that there was a lot of positive feedback from his students.  It seems it went well and they got something useful out of it!

Again, I had such a nice time at the School of the Arts in Winston-Salem.  I hope I will be able to do more of this sort-of-thing in the near future!


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Photo Credit:  Richard Barlow
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